I Needed That Laugh



As our country struggles with the coronavirus pandemic, laughs don’t come easy these days.  Then I read a recent letter in this publication by Democrat activist Gabriel Hament and could barely contain myself.  The author spends most of his blithering diatribe complaining about traffic during the Vice President’s visit to the region in February (it’s now April) and how it caused a couple hours of congestion including the delay of the performance Les Miserables.  Aw, poor baby. Must have been traumatizing. 

Mr. Hament is not just a “Sarasota native” as his letter deceptively indicates, but in truth is a Democratic political consultant who has worked for Democrat state Rep. Margaret Good.  Ahh, now it makes sense. [Editor's note: Hament made clear he volunteered for Good and held no paid position]

The same Margaret Good who also criticized the Vice President and is now challenging Congressman Vern Buchanan, who incidentally was just named Sarasota’s top elected official by the public in SRQ Magazine. 

The same Margaret Good who was recently blasted by the press as “reprehensible” for “literally trying to raise money off the coronavirus scare.”

The same Margaret Good who was caught violating state election law and, after being called by the press immediately scrubbed her social media in a sleazy and unsuccessful attempt to conceal the evidence. (note to Ms. Good: as a lawyer at Matthews Eastmoore you should know the cover-up is worse than the crime) Will she still have a license to practice law after this campaign? Will the law firm she works for be investigated?

Margaret Good is trailing badly in the polls (20 points) against Buchanan, but that doesn’t give her the right to violate the law or exploit the coronavirus in an unseemly money grab. 

Ms. Good and her goofy sidekick Gabriel Hament are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Thanks for the laugh and keep up the good work. 

Frank Patti is a Sarasota resident and secretary of the Republican Party of Sarasota.

Image: Margaret Good with Gabriel Hament.

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