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Born in France, artist DUAIV is both an accomplished painter and musician, often finding ways to merge the two pursuits. He has built a career full of international acclaim and cultivated an imitable style from bold hair colors, chic fashion, and a penchant for fast cars. He’s traveled the world, receiving accolades for his incredible work in service of nurturing and promoting the arts. Inspired by artists like Monet and Van Gogh, DUAIV has embraced the tenets of Impressionism and crafted an art style that is uniquely his own. With the world as his canvas, DUAIV's work is a contemporary representation of Impressionism at its height. In this week's video, you'll get a look inside the life of DUAIV and see its various facets for yourself! From the studio to the driver seat, to the stage - it is an artistic life, lived boldly.

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