Rich and Tina Biter
I can’t begin to describe how I’ve been shaped by my parents. They are the biggest influences. They have done the most for me and gave me a work ethic by never letting me get away with anything. They held me accountable but never micro-managed my life. They set boundaries that were pretty broad, and, as long as I operated within their rules, had the opportunity to learn and to fail and to try again in life.

Tech Pioneers
Bill Gates and Michael Dell are heroes of mine. Watching what other successful people do is important, but I was always more impressed with people who came from nothing. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, and there was not anyone in my family with real business experience, but I knew I wanted more for myself. To see people come from middle-class families and become super successful, that was my goal, and these men were whom I wanted to replicate.

Marina Tower
I always wanted to live downtown and overlook the city and the water. I remember when my condo building was built, I instantly wanted to live there on the top floor. It seemed so out of reach, and I didn’t yet know how to get there, but I was buying that exact unit six years later.


Honestly what I am proudest of is my three kids. It’s just amazing to watch my daughters (Abby, 13, and Haley, 12) grow to be who they are now, and now having a baby boy (Zachary, five months) and watching him come into the world is exciting. We have two more kids in the permitting process. I’m looking at raising five.

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
I pull that book down to show people more than anything. There are great books by people telling you how they did something in business, but usually nothing to tell you how to do it yourself. This tells you how to do it.

Positano, Italy
It’s one of the most stunning places to visit, and one of the few places I could stop and smell the roses. It’s a city built on a mountain, nothing like it could ever happen today in America, let alone Sarasota, but it was just amazing how it was put together. You could also argue it’s inspiring for business because while you are looking at the boats there, and it’s Steven Spielberg’s boat, then Sean Combs’ boat, all of these lined up bumper to bumper in the bay, you just sit watching ultimate wealth and the super rich.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
He came to America with a gym bag and didn’t have two pennies to his name, but through hard work and determination, and by staying steadfast in his goals, was able to achieve. He was the best at what he did, built a name for himself and then became successful in other areas including government. He stood as an example of how great America can be, and proves that anyone through work and determination can be successful.

Charting My Own Course
I love flying and boating. I got my own plane, a Broward, and a couple boats. I love that I can fly the plane or captain the boat; it’s fun just maneuvering that equipment. SRQ