The popularity of commercial cloud kitchens and delivery services have swept the nation as chefs can focus their creativity on developing mobile dishes for their customers rather than filling seats in a traiditonal brick and mortar restaurant.

Rebekah Peranio started Bekah’s Pantry out of a pure love for cooking and a desire to provide busy locals with healthy meals. Bekah is a self-proclaimed one-man band and is committed to buying seasonal and organic foods from local establishments, crafting weekly menus tailored to those with and without dietary restrictions, preparing delicious meals from a commercial kitchen space and delivering her creations directly to clients. As her referrals thrive and the number of locals depending on delivery grows, Bekah acknowledges her unique ability to spark connections.

(pictured: Rebekah of Bekah's Pantry)

“My clients don’t have many options outside of cooking for themselves so it becomes very intimate,” she says. “We get to know each other and they become part of my life, and I, theirs. Taking care of your community will always come back to you as an investment.” 

Brothers Erik and Evan Decker began Deck’s Plate to normalize plant-based foods in Sarasota, where they felt there were not many options for fully vegan eaters. “The best thing about what we do is nourish the body; we are chefs, we are doctors working with the most powerful medicine,” they say. Garnering success from prominent pop-ups, in-house private dinners and local collaborations, Erik says, “our challenge now, is finding manageable real estate to provide Sarasota with newer-aged chefs who want to create plant-based, labor-intensive whole foods in a modest fashion.”

(pictured: Patrik and Gloria Malantinszki of Fresh Flamingo)

Patrik and Gloria Malatinszki, the owners of Fresh Flamingo, are enthusiastic about planning, preparing and presenting healthy meals daily. Customizable by lifestyle and dietary preference, they deliver carb-conscious keto, fresh beach seafood, nostalgic comfort, protein-dense fitness as well as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals right to your doorstep. Changing their menu with the dawn of each new day has rendered lunchtime lulls a thing of the past.

As more and more people opt for delivery in lieu of restaurant dining and word of mouth travels, Flesh Flamingo has grown through the praise of clients that don’t just order once, but stay with them for the food and the familiarity. SRQ