The morning bliss of a hot cup of coffee and fresh pastry feels luxurious stateside. The hustle-and-bustle attitude of our worker-bee population typically opts for drive-thru macchiatos rather than the slow-paced sips of Parisians at morning bistros. A few places in Sarasota, however, are bringing the European feel of mindful mornings with homemade pastries paired with cups of joe. Head to Mama G’s Coffee for an authentic German pastry, such as strudel paired with a modern cold brew, or head to OfKors Bakery for a slice of fruity blueberry coffee cake. Wash that down with the freshly brewed Italian coffee whipped up as a macchiato. For something savory, Perq Coffee Bar is dishing out scrumptious baked egg pastries to savor with a flat white—latte’s cousin without the foam. Project Coffee and Simon’s Coffee House have the vegan versions at the ready, like Project’s homemade flaky biscuit and blackberry jam with an oat milk cappuccino, or Simon’s spice cake with local Java Dawg brewed coffee. Whatever pairing you pick, reclaim a few minutes of your morning rush to revel in these homemade treats. 

Perq Coffee Bar

Waking up on the right side of the bed with Baked Egg Pastries and Avocado Toast from Perq. 

Perq Coffee Bar, 1821 Hillview St,, @perqcoffeebar

Project Coffee

Homemade blackberry biscuit with a cappuccino. 

Project Coffee, 538 S Pineapple Ave,, @projectcoffeeco

Mama G’s Coffee Bakery

Linzer Tart and Crumb Cake from Mama G’s Coffee Bakery. 

Mama G’s Coffee Bakery, 8431 N Tamiami Tr,, @mamagscoffee

OfKors Bakery

Fresh-baked blueberry coffee cake from the family bakers of OfKors Bakery. 

OfKors Bakery, 1359 Main St,, @ofkorsbakery