BioLucid, a Sarasota-based health technology company, was just acquired by Sharecare, a health platform firm based in Atlanta. The deal was announced Thursday at Advertising Week, and immediately Sharecare posted on its website that it would incorporate BioLucid’s You software platform into its products. Financial terms were not disclosed. 

“Visual storytelling technologies–particularly virtual reality blended with 360-degree video–have boundless potential in healthcare and patient engagement, yet consumer-facing innovation in VR has been limited mostly to entertainment and gaming,” said Sharecare CEO Jeff Arnold in the announcement. “By differentiating our platform with BioLucid’s immersive simulation of the human body, we can turn data into actionable, visual intelligence, and make a transformative impact on patient engagement, health literacy, medical education and therapy adherence.” 

BioLucid co-founders Jeff Hazleton, Lawrence Kiey and Dale Park will join Sharecare and retain offices in Sarasota, where local operations will continue as Sharecare Reality Lab. 

A video about the use of the You platform was released by Sharecare and can be viewed here: