WHEN GRACIEBLU WALKS INTO THE ROOM, all eyes are immediately on her. Statuesque and elegant with legs for days, she’s Hollywood’s newest darling after her stunning debut starring alongside Jon Hamm and Geena Davis in the feature film Marjorie Prime (which premiered at Sundance and showed at the Sarasota Film Festival). SRQ caught up with the dame of the stage—also a Siesta Key resident—to talk hobbies, big dreams and the pressure to never slobber. 

When did you realize that you wanted to be an actress? GracieBlu:  I was born to act. From day one. My mom has pictures of me posing on a rock working the camera when I was only eight weeks old. The camera loves me.  What actor or actress would you most love to work with in the future?I’d love to work with Jon Hamm again. We had such a great relationship. After working with him so closely on Marjorie Prime, I saw him on TV and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was giving an interview on Off Camera with Sam Jones and I couldn’t stop barking at (talking to) him on the screen. He was so kind and sweet and loving. I had to be extra careful not to slobber too much on him (although I like to think he didn’t mind).  What do you do in your spare time?  I lay around, I eat a lot of carbs—I’m not one of those uptight actresses who won’t eat a pizza or a loaded sandwich. I’ll take any carbs I can get my paws on. When I’m not shooting or eating, I like to play with sisters Sadie, Sophie and Whiskey. How do you prepare for a role?  I practice a lot with my mom. It depends on what my agency tells me I have to do. One time I had to wear a patch on my eye for a role, so I wore a patch for a week beforehand. People were very confused about that one.What is your dream role?   A goddess lying on a big comfy sofa being fed bagels. That would be amazing.