Originating from an online purchase, the metallic beast traveled hilly terrain with large black rubber tires, balanced with a steady frame and had a battery that roared with life. However, as time went on, one multiplied to seven and the creatures began to take over his garage, leaving DiCostanzo with no choice but to find a solution to the growing problem. In an attempt to defeat their takeover, DiCostanzo opened an electric bike shop where he realized the creatures would benefit from further change. Enlisting the help of a good friend, Terry Sherry, both utilized their business skills and deconstructed the original creation in a Frankenstein fashion, reassembling new and old ideas and allowing for a new creature to take shape. DiCostanzo and Sherry’s experimentation led to the creation of Pedego electric bikes, now the largest electric bike dealership in the country. These new creatures are designed to accommodate battery and manual power, combining exercise with ease. “Like regular biking, plus,” says Michael Weatherby, of Sarasota’s Pedego dealership on South Osprey. Bicyclists can pedal if they are traveling easy terrain, use pedal assist for flat roads and longer rides or put the bike into full throttle, getting immediate power to climb difficult terrain. The bike’s cockpit computer and battery allow the rider to enjoy the experience of riding with the assistance of a four-hour lithium ion batteries, adding some oomph to any cyclist’s adventure. Pedego developed multiple models, the most popular being the sleek and curved Classic Interceptor, originally designed for police officers. Variety can be found in frame shape and size, accommodating different body types and riding intensities, and diversity in colors, which are offered from classic silver to a shiny teal, as well as terrain durability for flat roads, hills and even the beach. Any rider can take part in this successful experiment—all that’s needed is a helmet, a bottle of water and a place to recharge.