Build a better fishtank and the jellyfish will swima pathway to your door. At least, that seems to have worked for a team of web marketers-turned-aquarium designers changing aquatic habitats for the most alien of pets. Twin brothers Blake and Brock Gratton, who also run XPlode Marketing in Sarasota, first waded into the marine habitat world after installing a jellyfish tank in their office. “I’ve always loved jellyfish,” says Blake. “They are truly calming and relaxing.” Not so calming? Realizing your $400 tank and filtration system sucks up and kills a fish every week. Upset at design flaws in the expensive tank, the Grattons decided instead to custom-make a tank of their own. A teardrop shape creates a friendlier environment, and a spray bar filtration system cycles water without inhaling the tank’s denizens. Seeing mass market potential, the brothers set up a Kickstarter page to raise at least $25,000 and ended up selling more than $188,000 in merchandise. Now offices for XPlode brim with boxes of JellyTank, a system that retails for $225. The brothers ordered 1,500 pieces of merchandise and already sold 1,300 before the first goods arrived in the Port of Miami.