LIKE A GEM, this timeless piece of decor sits in an unassuming corner of Sarasota Trading Co. in the Historic Burns district waiting to be discovered. Exuding an otherworldly essence of intrigue and undeniable elegance, the World Globe doubles as a bar to complement your home office or library. Masterfully crafted with a brass knob acting as the North Pole, this Toscano liquor cabinet’s clever design provides access to an arsenal of convenient but hidden storage space, as opening the caddy’s equatorial hinge reveals a secret stash of your valued glassware and decanter of vino. 

The European home furnishing holds an Old World charm, entirely handmade during the Prohibition period when the promotion of alcoholic beverages was illegal. While certainly discreet in its second nature usage, keen eyes will notice the quality hardwood legs and dark finish framework. Vintage atlas maps from the 20th century adorn the exterior, while celestial fresco artwork envelops the interior, showing off Roman gladiators alongside a slew of various creatures. A savvy antique and easily the slickest place in the world for a 10-year-aged Port, the Globe Bar is priced at $495.