Take a Gamble on Chocolate Produce



Place your bet on red at the roulette table, because you’ll come out lucky one way or another at this natural and organic food grocer. At Lucky’s Market, if something has the big red cursive 'L' on it, you’re looking at the company’s Private Label of selected goods. Lucky for you—they personally taste test everything to make sure it meets its high quality standards, at prices you can’t afford to miss. The edible treats that’s caught our eye specifically, are the specialty chocolate bars ranging in an array of artisan flavors. That’s an ace of hearts for us right there. But what we found even more intriguing, were these brussel sprouts dipped in chocolately goodness. It got us thinking—what other out-of-the-box concoctions could we hand dip for a uniquely satisfying (and healthy!) dessert?

It’s no high-stakes risk, but be prepared to make a little mess in the kitchen—experiment with a different fruit and veggie each night of the week to create delicious fondu-esque feasts for the family! From dark chocolate broccoli, cacao-covered strawberries, coconut black lava sea salt bananas, apples dipped in toffee pretzel and carrots in milk chocolate—the possibilities are endless. We know, it sounds weird. But really...it’s strangely addictive. So brave the wager and get your nutrient rich vitamins while satisfying your sweet tooth the next time you’re strolling the aisles at Lucky’s Market.

You’ll not only be supporting our local farmers’ organic-grown produce, but by purchasing one of Lucky’s Private Label products, 10% gets reinvested back into the community we share. Stack your chips—that’s an all around win for the taste buds and the good samaritan feels.

Images provided by Luck'y Market

Lucky's Market, 3501 South Tamiami Trail #430, Sarasota, 941-260-1223

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