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Pictured: Steve Murray, Wes Roberts, Mark Sultana, Nathan Cross, Jonathan Parks. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

Yesterday evening, mavericks of architecture, custom home experts and enthusiasts of gulf coast design came out for an evening of domicile discussions for the Modern Home (MOHO) Symposium. As part of MOHO’s programming, SRQ annually brings together a discussion panel of leading local architects and builders that participated in the 2018 and 2019 editions of Modern Home Magazine. 

This year, SRQ welcomed panelists Steve Murray of Murray Homes Group, Nathan Cross of NWC Construction, Jonathan Parks of Solstice Planning & Architecture and Mark Sultana of DSDG Architects. Each profile, featured in MOHO publication, lauded their great work and also contributed to the broader story of how architecture and design play a factor in the aesthetic appeal of our region. SRQ Executive Publisher Wes Roberts initiated live interviews with each panelist to discuss how or why they got into the industry, showcased photos or renderings of their proudest projects of the year, shed light on their personal design ethos and shared their process/relationships with clients.

“Sarasota is its own place when it comes to architecture and construction,” says Mark Sultana, principal architect, AIA, NCARB. “Many people are saying New York and Miami are slowing down, but Sarasota is not slowing down. More people are moving here, building here and want to be here. People who live here really care about architecture.” The industry here is moving forward so fast, he says, that it’s actually quite difficult to find contractors and subcontractors at the moment to keep up with the demand. Luxury home builder Steve Murray agreed, but on the other side of the coin. “Custom construction is pretty tough and it’s tough to find good subs that are responsible, reliable and available,” he says. “In this business, we always have to find a way all the time. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s how you make it right and employ the right people.” But regardless, this region is still a great place to be for construction, he says. “We have incredible architects in the area. Everyone studies Sarasota School of Architecture and then they come here to see what’s going on,” says Murray. “And that’s a to benefit the city, a benefit to the clients and us. We’re seeing bigger, better ideas every day. What we’re putting on the streets is fantastic.” 

For Nathan Cross, luxury home builder, he's been hired mostly to do remodels as of late. “We’re coming in and taking 90% of the structure down or changing it,” he notes. Currently, Cross mentions he and his team are doing double the amount in remodels as new homes. “You need to be able to do, and excel at both,” he says. “Being a good remodeler has made me a better custom home builder, because I learn what to do, what not to do and what issues may arise in a bad design/build.” Meanwhile, Joanthan Parks, principal architect, AIA, has been focusing a lot more on public city structures like parking garages and hotels, instead of residential--bringing a secondary viewpoint on big urban gestures. He discussed zoning codes, philosophies on development, revitalisation of iconic landmarks and building upon the “big picture” on an area or city block. “There’s a lot of places that have beaches, sand and the sun, but what makes Sarasota special and separates it, is the arts,” Parks says. “What’s changing is, Sarasota used to be very inward focused, but with more young people here than ever before, it’s become more of an outward focused place with a ton of things to do, shows to see, places to go. The architecture community is building upon that.” 

Thank you to our esteemed panel, who continue to push the boundaries of luxury homes, landscape, retail and restaurant designs. And thank you to all attendees who came out and spent a Wednesday evening with us at our studio to enjoy this year’s informative MOHO Symposium.

Pictured: Steve Murray, Wes Roberts, Mark Sultana, Nathan Cross, Jonathan Parks. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

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