For Tracy Negoshian, fashion equals confidence. From an early age, she felt style could influence more than just looking good, and took her knack for design, color and trends to task. As a consultant for Saks Fifth Avenue’s contemporary
department, Negoshian honed her eye for cutting-edge fashion, ultimately deciding to branch out and create her own collection. With Tracy Negoshian stores in Naples and St. Petersburg, her new location brings her to Sarasota’s St. Armands Circle, where she talks to SRQ about how to balance her life as fashion designer and mother.

SRQ: After seven years, how do you come up with ideas for new designs? Negoshian: I get ideas when I travel with my family, whether it’s looking at wrought-iron fences or tiles from different locations. Ideas just stem from things that I enjoy. I love mixing different patterns to create one really amazing design and the inspiration keeps coming through travel or through different media, catalogs and trends.

What is the inspiration behind your vibrant colors and patterns? I thrive on designing a lifestyle brand that inspires vacations. You may be in Chicago or Sarasota, but when you put on one of our styles—no matter the place—you are ready for a vacation anywhere. All of the colors in our blue waters, all of our beautiful palm trees—just everything that surrounds us in Florida serves as an inspiration when we design our Spring and Summer collections.

What is your favorite piece from the Fall 2016 collection? I am a big lover of the wrap dress—it’s a great style that goes from day to night. Wear it to be more conservative at work or to doll-up for a play. I am constantly chasing my two-year-old and the dress moves with me. It’s a very versatile, easy-to-wear style.

Travel is a huge part of running a clothing company. How do you balance your home and work life? I have a really good team that works with me. Many of them have been with me since just after the launch of my company. They know what my expectations are and far exceed them, so when I am out of the office I’m confident that the company is running just fine. Thank God for FaceTime as well. I was just overseas for a short trip but was able to FaceTime and be a part of my two-year-old’s trips and bedtime rituals.