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Especially embraced by Floridians as a versatile constituent and nutrient—from floating in the dense salinity of Gulf Coast’s seawater, to cooking with local sea salt as key seasoning, salt remains to be recognized as an essential mineral to everyday life. Siesta Healing is now here to reveal and educate us all on the all-encompassing benefits of salt for our mind, body and spirit. The business opened on Siesta Key just two months ago, introducing the community to alternative healing methods, whether you need to get healthy or stay healthy. Far too many harsh chemicals and man-made products act as resources for healing nowadays—pop a pill here, rub on ointment there. Have we forgotten all the holistic, natural methods at our fingertips?

The concept for Siesta Healing came to fruition after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. The family jumped into action and began researching various treatment methods, as well as ways to help manage the pain and effects of surgeries and chemotherapy. After realizing there weren’t any facilities in Sarasota that housed any of the intrinsic arsenal they found from research, they decided to fix that—founding the first full-service wellness center of its kind in our area. Services include massage, acupuncture and Halotherapy in their “salt room”— where the effects of salt caves are recreated for you to relax and breathe the aerosol. This enables the body to holistically break down and expel pollutants/bacteria throughout the respiratory system, reducing lung inflammation, thinning mucus build-up and opening breathing passages—drug-free, non-invasive and no side effects or potential health hazards. They further offer Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in a “hyperbaric chamber”, where air levels are substantially increased in a pressurized tube, which allows lungs to gather more oxygen than would normally be possible. This enables higher levels of pure oxygen carried to the blood, kickstarting the body to better fight bacteria and regenerate stem cells to promote healing.

The moment you walk in, you’ll be warmly greeted with flourishing bonsai trees, bamboo, illuminating salt rock lamps, as well as a book collection of plants, herbal antibiotics, exercise and other educational apothecary materials. Make your way over to the shelved wall featuring Siesta Healing products galore. Weigh down your tote with essential oils, gemstones, candles, incense, herbs, loose-leaf teas, soaps and lotions. Beyond the retail portion, they also offer workshops in their back studio for nutrition, meditation and yoga classes—on ground and on water with SUP opportunities. This is hands-down your new, oceanside relaxation destination. Stay salty friends!

Photo provided by Siesta Healing

Siesta Healing, 5101 Ocean Blvd., Sarasota, 941-413-0550.

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