PINC Sarasota Announces Gadecka as Speaker

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PINC Sarasota has unveiled another speaker lined up for this year's December 6 event. Hailing from Poland, Anna Gadecka is cofounder of Bee Saving Paper, an initiative designed to help struggling bee populations. With hives collapsing and urbanisation destroying habitats, bees are traveling longer and longer distances, sometimes to the point of exhaustion before making it back to the hive. Bee Saving Paper holds energy-rich glucose within its paper pulp, effectively a mobile feeder for bees, but without being sticky. One pound of this paper is said to be able to feed thousands of bees. Gadecka joins bird brain researcher John Marzluff, sunlight artist Michael Papadakis, experiential designer Nashra Balagamwala and more. PINC Sarasota 2018 kicks off December 6 in the Sarasota Opera House.

PINC Sarasota

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