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Last night, design enthusiasts, architecture buffs, environmental advocates and admirers of modern homes came out for an evening of domicile discussions. The Modern Home Symposium welcomed local industry mavericks of design and construction, featured in SRQ’s 2018 Modern Home Magazine. Panelists included Steve Murray from Murray Homes Group, Nathan Cross from NWC Construction, David Young from DWY Landscape Architects and Timothy Del Vescovo from Del Vescovo Design Group. Each powerhouse shared their inspiration and process behind some of Sarasota's most iconic home designs, while addressing pressing questions and criticisms of custom construction and the challenges/demands of building in Southwest Florida.

The individual interviews between SRQ Executive Publisher Wes Roberts allowed each panelist to discuss their favorite projects of the year, present photos/renderings of their best work and shed light on what makes them tick. First up was Steve Murray, who shared how his group creates memorable, thoughtful luxury spaces, what materials and techniques he likes to use to manifest those and how he brings clients’ visions to life. Next, was David Young who discussed the importance of sustainable outdoor spaces and minimizing your footprint in design, while motivating clients to spend more time outside in Florida’s beautiful landscape. Nathan Cross, a custom builder who says his company never creates the same thing twice, has countless one-of-a-kind homes under his belt and shared how he creates long-standing relationships with clients to ensure they end up with their everlasting forever homes. Lastly, Timothy Del Vescovo showed off some intricate and unique designs from lux restaurants, as well as an exciting new project he’s currently working on Downtown.

A group Q&A with the audience followed, where topics of energy efficiency, environmental standards, the difference between building from ground zero vs. renovations, hurricane-proof planning and protection from flood zones, maintaining a set budget, as well as an interesting debate on how Florida architecture compares/contrasts to other areas of the U.S. ensued. The guys also extended their insight on Sarasota’s hottest neighborhoods at the moment and the best areas to build/move right now, including urban areas with flare and most valued waterfront land, Osprey, Hillview, Bird Key and Rosemary District reined supreme.

Concluding the Q&A portion, a winner was announced for the raffle—after collecting audience members’ business cards, one was drawn at random to win a custom gift basket—specially created by JustaBasketCase Events. Congratulations to Jonathan Cubley of Wicked Smart Homes, a Sarasota-based electronic systems integration contractor specializing in audio, video and security, for winning the basket of his choice.

Thank you to our master architects and builders who made up our esteemed panel, who continue to push the boundaries of luxury homes, landscape, retail and restaurant designs. And thank you to all attendees who came out and spent a Thursday evening with us at our studio to enjoy this year’s informative MOHO symposium.

Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

Check out Murray Homes, NWC Construction, DWY Landscape Architects and Del Vescovo Design Group MOHO portfolios here.

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