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When past visitors have left reviews for The Fountain Kitchen & Wine Bar, they've praised the professionalism of the staff as much as the food, but...

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Art Is Fashion at the SARTQ Print Party

The Sarasota artists collective SARTQ will be out in force this Saturday for the 9th annual SARTQ Print Party. Hosted this year at Mandeville Beer Garden,...

Ryan Flies

From the Cockpit Part 17: Aero L-39 Albatros

Editor’s Note: This is part 17 of an ongoing series documenting the flights of active-duty US Navy Pilot Ryan Rankin on his journey to fly 52...

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New Restaurants

Mar 29, 2017Aviel Kanter

Lox 'n' a Schmear

Hops Aftershock

¡Viva Cuba!

At the Table

Apr 28, 2017Philip Lederer

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Serious Cooking For Serious People

Polo Pumpkin


Mar 1, 2017Aviel Kanter


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