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Two Tracht Minds

Shop Talk   |   Anna Rachel Rich

Local brothers propel adventure outfitting store to new heights.

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Of Helmets and Hospital Heads

In Brief   |   Jacob Ogles

David Verender, CEO of the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

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Importing Flavor

At the Table   |   Jake Coleman

Out-of-Towners Cheesecake Me, Cali Tacos To-Go and Tin Fish Make Their Home Here.

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Ninja Warrior

What's Next   |   Phil Lederer

The Man Bringing Parkour to Sarasota.

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Team Modern

Nest   |   Ashley Farlow

Traction Architecture and Ampersand Construction came together to create a flawless, sunny modern dwelling idyllic for Sarasota living.

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Out of the Basement

In Studio   |   Phil Lederer

Physical Plant on its roots and its sound.

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Bayfront Dreams

Agenda   |   Jacob Ogles

Can a Cultural District Finally Become Reality?

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New Sight for Sore Eyes

Body and Health   |   Phil Lederer

New Technologies and Strategies in Maintaining Our Eyesight.

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The Campaign

Politico   |   Jacob Ogles

The Consulting Class

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Circus Luxe

Green with Envy   |   Gretchen Mannion

Sarasota is a virtual gold mine for the savvy resale shopper.

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Rainbow Relics

Cargo   |   Erica Brown

Pigmented hues dazzle the eye.

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Pigmented hues dazzle the eye.

Transform   |   Jacob Ogles

Local design firms buy shared Rosemary space.

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Books Unchained

Culture City   |   Phil Lederer

Books Unchained

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Shorelife   |   John Hardy

What makes art?

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The Art of the Violin Revealed
Invited guests last night gathered in the Laurel Oak home of Ellen and John Cavanaugh for the unveiling of the Perlman Music Program/Suncoast’s latest endeavor, The Art of the Violin, an exhibition of 20 violins painted, adorned and otherwise transformed by local artists from identical instruments... Read More ›
Development Policy Dividing Line For County Commission Hopefuls
After a heated and sometimes nasty Republican primary this year, the November contest for the open District 4 seat on the Sarasota County Commission has proven comparatively tame, and candidates still in contention don't seem interested in changing that. But all the contenders—a Republican, a Democrat... Read More ›
Safe Sleep Initiative Launched in Sarasota
The safety and preservation of infants and newborns was on everybody’s mind at the Sheriffs department today. The launch of the Safe Sleep Sarasota Initiative was marked by a press conference held at the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department. The Safe Sleep Sarasota Initiative is a community-wide... Read More ›
Daily Shop
Out of The Mouth of Babes
Calling all dribblers, droolers, bottle shakers and mess makers—meal time just took a turn for the trendy. Everyone knows there’s no formula for fashion, but now there’s fashion for your little munchkin’s formula with Mini Maniacs Bib Slicks. Ensuring your tater-tot’s feeding... Read More ›
Tone at Manatee Schools Central in Board Contest
No one questions Manatee County's schools have seen many changes in the past four years. But a crucial School Board contest on Tuesday could determine whether there is a shift in tone in the immediate future.  Incumbent Julie Aranibar, who won election four years ago on a platform of reform, is... Read More ›

Latest Post It's that time of year . . . the weather is a little cooler, school buses slowly move up and down the streets, and here at SRQ we just welcomed a new associate to our team. Meet Ben Reece, the Fall 2014 SRQ Editorial Associate.Originally from Orlando, Ben is a 2014 graduate of Florida State University. There, […]

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It's that time of year . . . the weather is a little cooler, school buses slowly move up and down the...

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